Sites like Omegle & Chatroulette

Bored of searching for all the sites like Omegle and those sites similar to Chatroulette? From New Zealand to India, people are talking on Omegle and from the United States to France and Germany girls are chatting with guys! Is Chatroulette down or did you get banned on Omegle? Save time finding an alternative with the fully sortable table of the 50 best cam to cam sites online where you can meet strangers instantly! There are lots of new alternatives like Chatrandom and Streamberry springing up all the time. There are even many niche sites like sites with just girls and even a site just for gay guys. If you want to add a site to the list or have found one that isn't working or has gone down please use the contact form below to let us know.

The table below aims to help you choose the best sites quickly, with each column being sortable. Feel free to review any of the sites by clicking the rating stars. The number of views column helps you see which sites are popular with other visitors and is updated daily. If you are a newbie to using random chat sites you can read useful tips which is a guide we created to help you learn how to use random video chat sites in our list.

Site Rating Country Visits Yesterday Language Registered
4.16 / 1890 votes
Chat Random is based in the United States 891030 1333 Multiple
3.32 / 2567 votes
Omegle is based in the United States 714075 872 English
3.21 / 1614 votes
Chat Roulette is based in Russia 385407 363 English
3.95 / 980 votes is based in the United States 359108 400 Italian
3.77 / 856 votes
Chat Omegle is based in the United States 322282 425 English
3.11 / 709 votes
Czat Ruletka is based in Poland 314395 460 Polish
3.09 / 590 votes is based in the United States 305168 404 English
2.93 / 471 votes
InstaChatRooms is based in the United States 287365 404 English
3.13 / 590 votes
Video Chat US is based in Ukraine 285523 424 English
3.09 / 329 votes
Random Chat US is based in the United States 211857 288 English
3.13 / 392 votes
Tiny Chat is based in the United States 209716 253 English
3.10 / 292 votes
Roulette Chat Sites is based in the United States 209239 631 English
3.25 / 657 votes is based in Portugal 203989 291 Portuguese
3.22 / 636 votes
Hey People is based in Germany 201474 253 English
3.25 / 430 votes
Chaturbate Spin is based in the United States 180141 201 English
3.23 / 340 votes
Round Chat is based in Canada 146713 189 English
3.25 / 485 votes
Omegle XXX is based in the United States 146279 163 Multiple
3.08 / 307 votes
aFreeChat is based in the United States 124111 205 English
3.25 / 329 votes
Gay Page is based in the United States 118404 145 English
3.11 / 470 votes
Ruleta Espanol is based in Ukraine 118331 181 Spanish
3.13 / 341 votes
Face Flow is based in the United States 103868 100 English
3.19 / 305 votes
Face Buzz is based in the United States 102836 111 Multiple
3.24 / 572 votes
My VIP Chat is based in Hungary 101543 106 English
3.25 / 237 votes
Chatroulette Sites is based in the United States 100583 200 English
3.25 / 205 votes
Roulette B is based in the United States 46561 160 English
3.25 / 169 votes
Omegles is based in Canada 42448 129 English
3.30 / 80 votes
Gay Chatroulette is based in the United States 40567 192 Multiple
3.40 / 116 votes
Omegle Sites is based in the United States 40373 157 English
3.26 / 81 votes
Face Roulette is based in the Netherlands 34210 140 English
3.24 / 49 votes
Dirty Roulette is based in the United States 33915 394 English
3.16 / 119 votes
Cat Roulette is based in the Netherlands 32514 130 English
3.44 / 116 votes
Chatrandom TV is based in the United States 30922 193 English
3.25 / 71 votes
Camzap is based in the United States 30480 167 English
3.32 / 116 votes
Chat Rad is based in the United States 20525 144 English
3.34 / 62 votes
Chat Masher is based in the United States 20307 154 English
3.31 / 67 votes
Stranger Meetup is based in the United States 18505 170 English
3.15 / 41 votes
Video Chat RU is based in Russia 12191 145 Russian
3.56 / 16 votes is based in the United States 5224 235 English
3.45 / 20 votes is based in Spain 5104 217 Spanish
3.85 / 20 votes
Cam4Sites is based in the United States 3900 217 English
4.25 / 12 votes
Sexchatster is based in the United States 3797 1035 English
4.05 / 12 votes
Gay Connect is based in the United States 2105 1035 English
How to Find the Best Chatroulette & Omegle Alternatives

The video chat industry has exploded over the past couple of years and as a result, thousands of new sites like Chatroulette and Omegle have emerged. Finding the best Chatroulette alternatives is not always easy because of such a large volume of new websites opening up on a regular basis. However, there are several Omegle alternatives and sites just like Chatroulette that offer users additional features making them a better choice. Fortunately for you, we've done all of the hard work of finding these sites for you and we've added them to to make it easy for you to choose between hundreds of Omegle alternative within one screen.

How it works is extremely simple; the higher rating our users give a website, the higher is will appear on our list. This makes it incredibly important for you to vote for your favorite websites on the list above in order to make them easier to access. Every single vote counts and it also helps us determine the best Omegle alternatives according to what our users actually enjoy.

Our website is incredibly easy to use and it aims at bringing you the best websites in the random video chatting industry. By simply going over the stars in the row with the website that you want to vote on, you can quickly choose the amount of stars you want to give that particular website. Simply click on the amount of stars you want to give a website and it will either improve or lower its ranking. Beside the star rating you can also see the amount of votes that a website has already received. With thousands of votes already, you can be sure that users take this seriously.

To make things even easier for you to find sites like Chatroulette, we've added the country of origin for each website as well as the number of total visits and the number of visits each website received within the previous 24 hours from users on This lets you easily browse through the most active Omegle alternatives, providing you with a portal towards choosing the absolute best random video chat sites online. We've also incorporated the languages that can be used on each website as well as the date each website was created.

There's no need to worry; we take the time to fully screen each website before placing it on in order to bring you only the highest quality Chatroulette alternatives. We also take the time to constantly search for new quality alternative websites and when we add them, they appear at the bottom with no votes. This makes it important for you to browse through our entire list of sites everyday to see the new additions to our list of Chatroulette and Omegle alternatives. Newly added websites could be better than the top ones on our list, but if you don't take the time to go and vote for them, they will never rise to the top.

Useful Tips for Using Random Video Chat Sites

Using sites like Omegle can become quite discouraging when you sit around for hours and still nobody wants to talk with you. There is no one way to get people to talk with you on Chatroulette or even Omegle, but there are certainly Chatroulette tips that increase your chances of success.

The first thing you want to do before getting started on sites like Chatroulette is determine why you are visiting these sites. Do you want to find romance, true love, a fun sexy time with a girl, sexy pleasures with a boy or any other reason. Once you know what you're looking for on sites like Chatroulette, you'll be able to easily apply these Chatroulette tips in order to have a more successful and enjoyable chatting experiences.

Once you know what you want, you will have to apply Omegle tips and other online webcam tips into your strategy. That's right, you need to have a strategy. Simply sitting in front of your cam is not enough to lure girls or boys to your cam. If you're boring, strangers won't want to waste their time with you and will instantly move on to the next cam.

Find a creative way to have people find you interesting. Many people find it easier to get girls and boys to stick around by making a sign. Most people won't waste time listening to what you have to say, but with a sign, most people will take the time to read it. If your sign is interesting enough, they will most likely ask you about it.

Making your sign something personal such as "My dog just died and I need cheering up" or even "I recently found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me" are great ways to get people to talk with you. Girls will most likely want to help you cheer up and this is a great way to open a conversation.

Since random chat sites give you the ability to quickly view lots of different cams, most people will keep nexting people until they see something interesting. Put a huge smile on your face. Many people will want to know why you're smiling and since most people on Chatroulette sites look bored, your smile might be that interesting factor that people are looking for.

If you're looking for a romantic conversation with a woman, you will want to be true. Treat online cam conversations just like you would treat a girl on a first date; be polite and a gentleman. The number one thing to avoid is insulting a girl because she will automatically go to the next cam. In order to achieve a romantic conversation, talk to her like a girl that you'd want to date; don't talk to her like a friend.

Going from a conversation starter to a romantic conversation may seem difficult and it is. However, asking her personal questions will most likely get you going towards the right direction. Ask her what her ex was like and why that relationship failed. Ask her what a perfect first date would be like according to her personal tastes. Ask her what type of guy she normally dates and even go one step further and ask her if she thinks you're cute.

Complimenting a girl on her hair, her nails or any other detail will work wonders. Women normally go on webcam sites like Chatroulette to feel attractive and desired; by complimenting her on the little details, you will be giving her what she's looking for. This will normally make her want to stick around and keep talking with you.

If you only want to use Chatroulette alternative sites to make friends, be clear about it from the start. Find a creative way to lure people to your cam such as wearing a funny t-shirt or by playing with your dog in front of the cam. These small things are great ways to get people to talk with you. Since you're not looking for a romantic conversation, you shouldn't care how ridiculous you look. Just make sure you don't seem creepy.

Once people begin talking with you, tell them that you're looking for a friendly conversation. Have interesting things to tell people and think of great jokes that you could tell strangers. Sites like Chatroulette are a great way to socialize when you're bored at home with nothing to do. Go online and make friends, find your soul mate or even learn a new language; the possibilities are endless.